Rentals Overview

Open Space occasionally rents its space to cultural groups and producers. Open Space’s program schedule takes priority over rental opportunities. Rentals give outside groups the chance to reach the cultural community and general public at a reasonable price.


Open Space is located on the second floor of 510 Fort Street in downtown Victoria near the Inner Harbour. Due to its age, the building (regrettably) does not have wheelchair access. Parking is available on the street and in city and private parking lots within a one-block radius of Open Space.


The space is over 2500 sq. ft. with a maximum capacity of 220 and can accommodate 140 seats in various configurations for readings, small concerts, performances, or other presentations.   NOTE: Open Space does not rent for the purpose of visual arts exhibitions. Open Space can provide chairs, portable walls, stage risers, acoustic curtains, and sound and lighting equipment. Open Space is also equipped with two public restrooms and a Green Room/Dressing Room. Open Space can be rented for a fee of $100/hr plus GST. 


Please complete the rental form and submit to Open Space.


For detailed information, call Miles Giesbrecht at 250.383.8833.