Move It On Over by DRIL Collective, part of Drifter's Clip 2011

Open Space supports experimental artistic practices in all contemporary arts disciplines, acting as a laboratory for engaging art, artists, and communities.
Professional artists are at the core of Open Space's mandate to

  • advance new areas of art production and criticism;
  • provide artists with opportunities to develop, present, and disseminate work;
  • engage diverse audiences in contemporary visual, sound, literary, media, and performance arts;
  • expand the roles and the status of artists and contemporary art of all media;
  • adhere to professional codes of ethics;
  • pay professional artists’ fees; 
  • operate in a fiscally responsible manner to further the Society’s objectives.

In 2009, Open Space Arts Society adopted values and operating principles in the following three areas:
Open Space encourages artistic excellence and exploration by

  • supporting investigative, experimental projects in all artistic disciplines;
  • recognizing risk-taking as a component of excellence;
  • securing funding through grants, self-generated funds, and creative funding models.

 Open Space invites engagement in the contemporary arts by

  • participating in local, national, and international social and cultural contexts;
  • offering financially accessible programs;
  • stimulating critical exchange, dialogue, and debate;
  • supporting freedom of expression;
  • providing opportunities for creative development for audience members and artists.

Open Space practices integrity and professionalism in its activities by

  • communicating transparently and honestly;
  • acting with respect and trust in all relationships;
  • advocating for artists and the arts;
  • acknowledging the contributions of volunteers;
  • governing with a visible and active board;
  • providing the major contemporary arts centre in the region.